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Dermalogica products, designed by dermatologists, are non -comedogenic products which do not contain lanolin, artificial colors, dyes, artificial fragrances, occlusive oil or alcohol. These products can correct problems for both oily or dry skin. Dermalogica products are specially designed by dermatologists, researchers and therapists and tailor-made to each individual. Acne, premature aging, sensitivity, dehydration hyper- pigmentation and other common skin care concerns can be addressed with these natural products.

We are proud to offer Bioelements to our clients. Bioelements targeted Facials and Body treatments are tailored to meet each client's specific needs and can be further customized with custom blending system.

   NuFree is different from regular waxing, sugaring, threading, laser, or tweezers! It’s a soy based hair removal system that is completely safe, effective, less painful, causes less irritation and has anti-bacterial properties. 

The main advantage of NuFree works is that it works same way as regular wax. It is applied with a wooden stick in the direction of the hair growth and is removed with a strip in the opposite direction. The difference is NuFree doesn’t stick to the skin like regular waxing. Since it does not stick to the skin, you can use it safely essentially anywhere on the body. It is the ideal solution for all your waxing needs, especially for more painful situations such as Lip, Bikini and Brazilian waxings.

Nufree Finipil is used for post waxing treatments. It instantly cools and clams your skin and also kills 99.99% of bacteria. It also empties the hair follicle and protects it. Researches show that using Finipil on daily basis will lower the hair regrowth and stop ingrown hair.

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